Saturday, January 21, 2006

the person that i am

they r really so many things that makes me who i am now, it like everybody! everybody is who he is because of the things he faced in his life and done and pass by and haik! so that how its going!
i think they were 3 main satges in my life, the first one when i was 15 and fell in love for the first time!!!!!!!!! after it i became a writer!!!! ya positively i expressed myself in writings!
the second one that was a crucial one! i didnt ever expect it and sometimes i just dont get it ! i was that unscarved girl.... everybody know that ill garduate from high school and go to alyarmook university in "irbid" to study "journalism and mass communications" i mean everybody knows that, and i had that realation with some guy... we were going to get engaged in less than a year and everybody knows....
i gratuadted from high school i studied a year in alyarmook uni... taking my best friends with me after i convinced them its the best place to study!!!!!! and everything was going just the way i thought it will b and dreamed all my life of!
once i discovered.... i dont want this relation .. hes not the right guy so i finished it!
once i discoverd i want to get scarved because its more me....
once i discovered i dont want to b a journalist i want to b a politician! i dont want to stay in irbid and in alyarmook i want to go to jordan uni... so i did!
it was just unbelievable.. everything comes together and it wasnt easy at all ... everybody thought that i was loosing myself and somthing is effecting me badly! and i had myself estem law somties there, because what im doing? im turning my life over!
but the truth was! that i really didnt want what i thought i wanted! and in this case the quicker u move the quicker ull b ok... simply i accept the change and i accept myself.

now im manar amro garduate from jordan uni with political sciences degree... strong personality scaeved and happy with it after everything mom and dad do trying to make me not to wear it :)
yes... we still have the third stage :) ill tell u abt it latter i dont want to b boaring.....
by the way thats me ....

my first by the way!

thank you very much :) u were so supportive! and i think im falling in love ;)

hello everybody.. manar amro .. ur new blog companion... ill b full of politics and stuff abt men and women.... wish me luck!