Thursday, February 02, 2006

can this b more political?

from the begining i knew that the denemark cartoon thing abt our prophet muhammad (pbuh)will not stop there and will not end up in the easy way... it is political

X.for those who think its papers or word or press freedom no its not! in every way journalism is away from religious beliefs... thats well known!never too close never too far, but the other world america and europe... know in a very good way what does prophet mohammad means to muslims.. no they know it very well! dont b dump ppl they know!

X. its the second step after preventing the scarf..scarving...viel..7ejab, whatever u want to call it,,,they said abt 7ejab its a symbol! and they prevent religious symbols including the cross,(dawood) or david star they call it jewish star or the small hat that jewish wear, islam teachers told them its an abligation(fard) not like any of these symbols.. but still they insist on it! whats so wrong in covering urself?!oh ya they really know what freedom is,and no being(dawle 3elmaneye) has nothing to do with al7ejab! and now they r insisting on drawing our prophet and not only drawing him but make fun of him! and if u saw the draws, most of it are abt..??? yes right terrorism (aljehad) sar ismo irhab...

they start targetting arab and islamic world since 9\11 because osama bin laden has knocked the twins! and only God knows who did this! they enter iraq by this silly execuse they are interfering every arab country they want and every thing they dont like in our internal issues using islam... jehad.. killing..savages..... osama!!!! as an execuse! it is political people! they are inplant hatered for islam..... and ya i can start from here the old jews who really know thier religion know that islam is right and one day they will loose it all when ever god wants that..and bush hes from the new christians jews he is a believer and hes targeting islam beacuse his religion beliefs contains that jesus will come again when isreal is totally for jews.......
wait and remember this they will start with alsalah as soon as they here not moving anywhere!

X.france did republish the cartooons! was it for supporting press freedom??! what abt Tayseer alooni in spain? what abt Mansoor il7aj in guantanamo? ok waht abt Roger garoodi in germany? what abt Mordakhai fanono in israel? its now, only now? they have to b free in expressing others beliefs? others holy issues??! and what makes them really so interested in our prophet?? if its not really important to them so whats so special in drawing muhammad muslim's prophet and whats so importanat in republishing them??!??

i dont really like to put things in (almo2amara) theory,never... but there is sth going on... its not only abt arab,its entensive on islam its not by the way thing.... u have to c that! and u have to understand it... i can write a thousand thing abt it ....

i thought ill never write abt political issues here coz i thought this blog will b my hideaway from politics but acctually i couldnt stop myself!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

do u think that the new cartoons are really silly?
except mayb conan! and sometimes it is silly!.... yesterday i was thinking abt our old cartoons :) ya alllaaaaaaaaah they were really nice and full of feelings and action and things were going arround all the time:) but i also discovered sth... every cartoon we watched got 3 elements, here they are:

1) something really tragical going on!
2) missing mother, missig father..or both :s
3) a hidden Love story :D
ill explain by giving eg! lol attention plz :D OK...

X.sally: no mother no father! the tragical thing that she was really poor(sometimes) and the guys at the dorm were really bad specially miss (mintion) i really hated her and of course PETER the hidden love story!

X.sandy bell: her mother was missing somewhere! she had so much trouble getting money and doing her work and katy! the mean girl!... yes MARK! the hidden love story..

X. fares alfata alshoja3: do u remember this guy? he did boxing! fares kan msha7ar 3l a5er!nobody in his was all targical and no hidden love story :( but i loved it!

X. lady lady:her mother died in an accident in japan!!!!!!! her father was travelling all the time and she stayed at the castle with (sara) her sister who was bad at the beginig...and the mean woman who turned her life to hell because she was abt to marry her father coz that what grandpa wanted coz of some financial prob ! yes :) ARTHER.... the love story...

bill and sebastian,sederek,elhadaf,sa7eb ilthel iltaweel,lubna alsaree3a! they all had these 3 elements....... even spank! i cried alot on these shows...why did they do that to us!? but they were good anyway :) any more examples? :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

they used to call us twins in journalism!

ok here is the thing!

when we will have a good universities?!
today i met one of my dear friends... i didnt see him really long time ago, we used to b in one school then we met in alyarmook uni when i was studying" journalism and mass communications", he was so ambitious and full of energy full of good thoughts and he just wanted things to b staraight all the time.... he is still there! stuck somehow.. they got him mad!..when i left alyarmook i told him plz bashar u have to leave here try sth else! u cant b urself here u cant b what u really want..he was so ambitious he told me that im giving up our dream and that hes not moving from (ilsa7afe law 3la ate3 ra2beto)...he decided to fight! oh my God! for 2 continuos hours he couldnt stop speaking abt whats happening there! sometimes they even refused to take his homeworks! he tried too much and he lost too much! now hes planning to leave jordan! ya thats how we loose our good guys!

our department in alyarmook was a COMPLETE DISASTER! very old books they teach us and i think we all know that journalism is really moving fast ..wallah i used to study a book from 1966!! only 2 of our teachers were profs! most of them were holding a high diploma!!!!!! and some of them a master degree! wasta and girls are the keywords there! no its even worse! teachers used to take part and push students abt the election issues! and i have a thousands of stories abt whats happening there! and thats why i left and thats why he stayed!

bashar...... God bless you, a big thanx for u and a huge amount of respect......

Sunday, January 29, 2006

sami yusef and amr khaled

i just love these guys!
amr khaled
...he always makes u feel that everything is possible..he gives u a big push to be a good muslim without any hard stuff..i know that we have to work harder to get the perfect islam but at least he opens the door for u .."welcome u can do it ,u have sth good in u, just let it out".. he gave me a big push everytime i thought im a hopless case... and hes a good looking man and he dress in a nice way just like everybody out there and he say the things the way they are... farnkly..he knows what is going on so he can help u right.. abig big thanx for this graet teacher!hes just great....and he helped alot of people ..and we all needs him he showed up in the right time...

sami yusef!
the great singer! oh my God! nice voice, nice music, nice attitude... he is being a good muslim in his way and when u listen to his songs u feel soo happy..its music!!! real music and its abt our beloved prophet (pbuh) and u really can enjoy it,its abt almighty ALLAH and u feel so peacefulll:) and some nice parayers..oh my God u have to check his songs!!..and he talkes abt whats going on also in his songs politically and socially ..try him hes perfect....
allah yjzeehom alf 5air 3n kol shabab w banat ilislam :)

and by the way u can b a good muslim and a real muslim in ur own personality and in ur own way, we all know that the rules cant b changed but we can b good mulims and happy joyfull dudes;)
god bless us