Tuesday, February 14, 2006

romeo and juliet

romeo: oh,torches look dim beside her! she embllishes night like a rich jewel in an ethiopian's ear_too beautiful for everyday use,too valuable for this world. she stands out like a snow, white dove amongst the crows. once the dance is over, ill see where she stands, and make my rough hand blessed by touching hers. did my heart know real love till now? my eyes needs look no further..... i hadn't seen true beauty till tonight. ( the party)

the balcony scene......

Romeo ( to himself): is that a light shinning through the window there?its like the east, with Juliet the sun. rise up,fair sun,and kill the jelous moon, it looks sick already, and pale with grief because you are far lovelier than she is, though only her servant. since shes jelous, quit her service!!........ only court jesters and virgins wear this,, its my lady_love! if only she knew it! her lips move,but she says nothing.that doesnt matter: her eyes speaks for her and ill answer them.im too forward. she isnt speaking to me. two of the most beautiful stars in all the sky have asked her eyes to take their place while they go off on a business somewhere!and what if they changed places? the brightness of her cheeks would put those stars to shame,as daily does a lamp,her eyes, sparkling so brightly in heaven, would make birds sing, because they would think that day has dawned. look how she leans her cheek upon her hand!oh, if only i were a glove upon that hand, so i could touch that cheek.......

Juliet: oh, dear

Romeo(to himself): she speaks. oh, speak again, bright angel! being up obove me, you enhance this night, like an angel seen by astonished mortals, who gaze a loft in wide_eyed amazement as he sits astride a slow_moving cloud, and sails upon the sustaining air!

Juliet( to herself): oh, Romeo,Romeo! why must you be Romeo? renounce your father and reject your name. or, if u won't, just swear your love to me, and ill no longer be a Capulet.

Romeo(to himself): shall i hear some more, or speak now?

Juliet( to herself): its only your name that my enemy. you'd be the same, even if u werent a Montague, whats Montague? its not a hand or an arm or a face,or any other part of man's anatomy. take some other name! what so significant about names? what we call a rose would smell as sweet, whatever word we used for it. if Romeo wasnt called Romeo, he'd still retain his own dear perection without his name. Romeo_ give up your name and exchange it for that name, which is not part of you, take all of me!!

Romeo(to juliet): ill take u at your word. baptize me again, and ill take the name of love. from now on, i've finished with "Romeo"

Juliet: who is there hidden in the darkness,overhearing my private thoughts?

Romeo: i dont like to use my name to tell you who i am. my name, dear saint, is hateful to me because it an enemy of yours, if it was written, i'd tear it up!

sleepless in amman!

the past 2 days were the worst 2 days ever.....
i started a job and i quit it in the same day! it was just a big (maglab)
the book thing that im working at is a complete disaster...people who work on it are really slow! and they think im the super women to do all their work in 48 hours!!! so im gonna quit it! they just want it ready and im really not that good! and its not my gob aslan!!!!!!! and an old love story poped up in my face and i was like ...what the hell is this????? we r done!!!!!!!!!

so i started thinking that im full of faults! i always can blame myself when things goes wrong.... my life never goes bad this way! but it seems when u finish school u have so much new things to face in real life and they will never be as good as u think they have to be! so i think im in a shock!
ya i dont feel good...... as sama said im blue!!
but i know things will b better after all its not a big deal.....sa7?

أعلل النفس بالآمال أرقبها ما أضيق العيش لولا فسحة الأمل