Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I again have faith

I have been living in America for the last 3 months and a year.. and it was amazing, its still amazing in every way, I hated America all my life,for me America was the big enemy, the spoiler that mess up everything for us as Arab nation specially when it comes to the israeli_ palestenian case, and of course when you think of a country as being the bad guy you will never exclude the people especially if it's a democratic country that it's people have a big share in deciding who will govern them... but living here changed my point of view big time, i saw people that are not that different from our people who have hope and looking for a better future in a very simple way, people who cares about their jobs and the salary at the end of the month ,and their government had also played them and deceive them!

Oh ya I am trying to justify my love to America the country America the people because i have never imagined myself attached to this country or related to it in anyway.

what really matters after all this, that Obama won the election for 338 votes. which is amazing, and that for sure gave me a lot of hope, he is so intelligent not like in smart intelligent, intelligent like in his personality, his vision. for the first time since probably the 2ND intifada in 2001 i have faith in something that can change the statuesque in the political world. we heard a lot of complaining all over the world that thing will do nothing but get worst, for me it was completely the opposite, its the best chance to make any change , any regular person can make a change in this collapsing world and hopefully that what Obama is doing. it gave faith also because the people did it,they understood what is going on and made the right desicion after suffering.

the relief in the states is unbelievable, the expectations are high, or may i say normal?? because as a world now ,we need to get up and do sth ...America is the leader, we count on America in every way whether we like it or not , that's why we were effected so badly with the polices that was in action for the last 8 years.... one time in a small school research when i was studying politics i wrote that the world will stop reling on the united nation and will seek a powerful country that knows what justice and peace mean because that the human nature, by electing Obama yesterday as the president of the united states of America... i hope that whats happening.

please Obama u gave me faith, u put me back on track of hoping for a better future... i know its hard for u , you have to clean up the mess, but with Ur strength and the support u have u can do it.... we can do it , u and only u could make an Arabian girl from Palestine that she has never seen it, who lived all her life in Jordan as her beloved country... made America another part of my identity, and now I'm part of America and I'm liking it because you become its president....

I'm so proud that you are my president BARACK OBAMA... we can do it .