Friday, February 10, 2006

my eight sweet friends :)

ok... this started when i moved to Al Nomow Altarbawi Schools N.T.S,when i was in fifth grade... for me then it was a disaster i loved my first school which was Al Omaria then my parents decided that N.T.S will b just much better for my personality...i was like huh?!? but after all it was the best thing that ever happend to me! i thought i was going to talk abt my friends but ok ill talk abt my school shwai b4 it :), i loved my school in unbelievable way... u just can b special there in ur own way...they were never to strict on us it really felt like OUR school ya our own school, they just give u ur space to built ur own personality in ur special way, u just have that space that u need when u r a teenager in the very right way.. i owe this school too much for who i am now and i still cry every time i pass by it :) LONG LIVE N.T.S ( class of deviles)

anyway one of the very special things i got from N.T.S is .. my very special friends.. i met them there yes when i was in fifth grade ......and they are still my very close friends!!!!!!! u know when u have that (gang) in ur school...u will not believe it! yes we r still together!
Asma,Dina,Rahme,Rasha,Sama,Seba,Sasha,yasmeen And me ..... some of them were together since KG and some of them were a late...we met them in 7th grade :p
we still ALL together... no we dont c each other occasionaly! we are real friends we know eveything abt each other and whats going on in everyones life y3ni we r updated by each others news all the time, we do the meetings whenever we can.... in special occasions on al3eed, on our birthdays, we are all together, in sickness and health.. sometimes we wonder how could this b real? we are all here together again and agian ?! i cant thank god enough for them, im so lucky to have these real eight friends in my life... ppl can survive with only one good friend and im surviving with my best eight friends... i cant b luckier! i still have my school friends :)
this is really big it was like that for my last 10 years?? woow! i just realized that!

girlz i loveee yooou so much..... u prbably know that ;p

wilfarawla bta3 ilfarawla ... wil3atel beta3at teeeh :D

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my shelfs

these are my sweet little shelfs that i learned from them alot... this is my favorate,best part in my room i love it, books are my other world and i owe the pages alot! sometimes i just talk abt sth and i give information abt things im not aware that i knew anything abt it..... then i remember that i read it once on a book or a this little library was like my backup in some situations and i really prefer buying books rather than borrowing them i just feel they really belong to me and they r helping me!! just me! so i feel exeptional by these books most of my time.... they really helped me to build my personality so i thought i really owe these shelfs and these books a big thanx! :)
..its exactly above my bed and its the only thing that i picked carefully when i designed my room... regardless the blue painting and the orange curtains with
the blue squares :)

by the way ... the picture of my shelfs will never appear! i tried a 1000 time! so use ur imagination :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

denemark.... amr khaled

heres what amr khaled has said abt the denemark thing with our prophet (pbuh)
and by the way.....
what is it with u muslims? is burning embassies is the best u can do?! thats exactly what they want from us they want to stick this terorrism thing with our bodies more and more and we r giving them what they want, they just couldnt be so convincig abt why did they enter iraq..and thier ppl start asking themselves was this war really important for us? and the 9\11 that weak story is starting to collapse,so they found another game for us,they just know what they r doing!!! devils!! now america really is governed by real devils!
thats how we deal with it ,,burn,scream,protest and then what? forget and pray?!what abt practical steps? what abt seeing whats really going on with us that they could reach our holy issues easily?!
this time either we will b seriuos abt our anger and we will wake up and revise all our bad situations in iraq,in palestine spcially the syria....iran whenever america sniffing...or this time will b the last time that u will c a muslim or even an arbian livig with dignity ever! wake up its a big game....and u cant c any big man taking place where are you???! and we r the pupets!!
oh my god...i cant take this anymore!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

you dont have to read this!

i just want to get things out of my not feeling ok and mayb that will help me out!

i dont want to b so dramatic or even too romatic ...its just where is the love? is there anybody miss the real pure love here except me?! did we really used to realations between males and females and love turned to sth can b easiley changed? or not even important? it seems like in our time to like somebody is really enough!does our hearts become so dull and cold? and i mean love the real love! who can get 2 persons married..sacrefice....the love that can make u the happiest ever and u really dont feel anything going wrong as long as u have that one beside u or even at ur site....when u can have ur little world away from anythig and no matter what!!!!!!! ull b fine.... why its so hard to love somebody and to b loved back?! always!!!! even when everything will go ok after all it seems too hard to fall in love... !

who can deny the need for love at least then to b loved..but it seems like always we are loved by the wrong person, even if this person can b so kind and tender and sweet..they just dont fit or click! and sometimes ur loved ones seems too far and staying in that other world that u just cant b in!
sometimes i feel even if im so succesfull in everything in my life and really doing good things and having my time full and work write or read....i just feel its worthless without having somebody to love ...mayb its only me but mayb ppl do feel this way sometime..if anybody feels the same dont hesitate plz tell me coz i need it!
when u have love in ur life u just look nicer sound nicer u think in urself in a better way u wait every morning to come and evey moon to rise....u just feel better!
im a big believer in love...and without love i think things will go even worst in this world.... and life cant goes on!
take it easy! its only some feelings:)