Friday, March 17, 2006

lets play :)

ok... ill start a story in some way and dear bloggers u have to continue by writing a paragraph of this story..use ur imagination in its best way.... nothing is silly ,feel free, write it the way u want...

express ur mood,play with friends,laugh.. all for FREE! on "by the way" sponsered by..... dokanet abo 3aref "nabee3 saja2er faret w 5elafoho!" :D
lets start......

"i was watching TV all day long, movies,songs and news... i really get boared and i just dont know what to do! i decided to take a walk and i did,i passed by "abu jbara" so i thought mmmmmmm: im getting a sandwich, so i went towards "abo jbara" and i stand there inspite of the long line.....then.................."

yalla sweeties.... good luck :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"israel" and its wall!

2002\june israel started building the apartheid wall... acctually the idea of building the wall is not really new in the political israeli mind, and their way of life.... as they started living in ghetos in europe.
in 1923( Japotenski) published a book called(Iron wall) discussing the idea of instruction a wall to separate the jews who live in palestine form palestinians...the zionests called the idea again in 1948 but they couldnt do it...... sharon was the key for starting his gardpas dreams he has america beside him america can pay and america can protect and america can VITO! so they started.... here's some facts abt this wall....

  1. the length of the wall is 350 km and with extensions its expected to b 9ookm, and it doesnt stick with the "green line" as they claimed that separates west bank from "israel"..acctually the wall goes deep inside that green line ,and inside the west bank for 10_25 km.
  2. every km of this wall costs 2 millions us dollar.
  3. this wall isolate more than 250,000 palestinian inside closed parts of land, and more than 100 village and city will b separated from its farms and water resources.
  4. abt 16% of the west bank land will b inside walls.
  5. theres a law in "israel" says: any dry land, or unfarmed land stays for 3 years or more ,can b taken by "dawlet israel" which is very possible when u put a wall between someone and someone's land !so they can use that law to take more lands and add it to "israel".
  6. security for any expecting palestinian country will b almost impossible as next palestine will b some separated lands here and there,that will b so hard for military forces for example to handle protecting torn pieces of land, which will effect any way the possibility of having (palestine).

ok whats really dangerous and even more dangerous if we took the case from the very begining.. in 1948 israel took 78% of original palestine,that means we still have 22% of the land, scholars agreed that with all the settements in west bank and checking points "israel" have another 45% from the 22%, ya it is a disaster but its a fact as well!.. that means if "israel" promises in (road map) will b true in beholding an independent palestine it will b like 10% of original land of palestine! which will look like swiss cheese full of holes! which guide us to the conclusion that "israel" had already draw the real boundaries of palestine as a new country!

ناموا و لا تستيقظوا ما فاز الا النوم