Friday, January 27, 2006

girls.... dont b so tough on guys.. they have a different brain!

u know these helpself books thing.. i was totally against reading these books but sometimes they really help u out! they are self help books after all :p
i was reading a book called "what could he be thinking" its kinda a guide to man's mind! and im still shocked!
ill give some facts i read in this book ....

X in biology thier brains r really not like our brains, some places are smaller some are; thats why we rely on talking when solving a problem while they more likely to b aggressive using hands! females has six or seven language centers,males may only have one!

X apperently they dont talk abt whats bothering them, when they dont feel ok!.."talking abt troubles have the opposite effect on male brain, it often create as much stress as it relieves"

X "men can take up to seven hours longer than a woman to process comlex emotive data" hmm thats a problem girls!
its sth in the wiring in thier brains and it called "delayed reaction" so "men more than women will not know what they feel at the moment of feeling and will take longer to figure it"....

thats in general... not everybody is the same but that what studies shown and it seems true! that was an interesting book.. learning abt another creature :) i loved it and i just wanted to share it :)

by the way.. ill b tagging ppl as soon as i know ppl well arround still new...but ill do it soon ...good luck!


he didnt only suggest the idea of blogging to me and helped me there..he also tagged me :) thanx! my crazy life

facts abt me
X 3asabye o dami 7ami and for that i have problems in my stomach :)
X i love reading and im a good writer
X as much as i love my family and friends i need a big space alone and away
X if im not arabian ill choose to b one
X i expect things i know it will never happen....
X i dont drive yet!! im saving the pleasure

things i like abt others...
X the way they smile
X simplicity
X wrong noses :)

things i hate abt others
X telling u that u r silly while its obvious who is the silly!
X fake smiles

Sunday, January 22, 2006

my 3rd personality stage!

it was all abt dina.... dina is my best friend since we were in 5th grade... we grew up together we did everything for the first time together we broke the laws and the taboos we lived the teenagers life,we get screamed at from my parents and hers,visited all the new places, we studied for the ''adabi'' tawjeehi, walked to the school every morning , we visited lebanon together,we went to alyarmook uni together..... i studied political sciences in jordan uni after that and she studies political sciences :) in alyarmok uni... shes like my better half shes wise and takes everything in the easy way, the only thing that can moves her in serious stuff is her brain,strong,she never really got the stressed girl all the time, i want to do everything quickly and most of times i follow my heart and i always get mad.. so shes like my big sister and ill not b exagerating when i say sometimes shes like a mom!

it seems like we will never b apart and we will just stay together the same way all the time.... but happily and suddenly!!!!!!!!!!dina got married :)
we were thrilled! but it was just unexpectable! she got married on last april,shes pregnant and shes shinning and beautiful.....
when it happened i felt all my life was collapsing over my head! oh my god! everything will b different now! totally diferent! i lost her for her better life .... but i got confused and it was noticable... once im depressed once im deciding to marry one of the guys that wanted to marry me in the traditional way coz i thought that i have to get maried also!... here and there here and there! i was really lonely!it was hard for me and it was hard for her..... until i realized its just life! and ull loose ur friends of course not totally for thier better lives :) of course it was coming someday but that was really early for us....we didnt see it coming..... being apart from ur best half after it was here all the time made me"FINALLY" stronger and more responsible even more tender and caring......and i stood for the first time without my best half supporting me all the time! its jsut growing up and a highier level of maturity dina left in me :)

by the way everytime u feel urself growing up ull b loosing sth or at least paying sth!

God makes no mistakes

when you want to give up and ur heart's about to break remember that you are perfect; God makes no mistakes!
by the way! do u think that u can just judge ppl?
u just cant do that... every single person in this world really deserve to b respected and u have to give the chance.. coz ull need that chance one day and ull feel bitter when some one go judgy on you! every single thing in this world have sth beautiful.. if u cant see it right away ull absoulotly notice it later!so if u believe in that i think u trust urself and u love urself!
meet ppl with big smile and warm thoughts and ull b fine and ull b surprised how loved ull b and how unordinary things ull find in ordinary ppl......
what do u think?