Saturday, March 04, 2006

once i had faith on him!

its a strange still shocked but happy

i was on the edge my last days...thinking of restarting all my life over that all my rules and principles r good for nothing...until i got an apology from an old friend,some bad incident happened 4 years ago but it was really huge, something that u could say it effected my life deeply.. since then i changed many things in my life.. ok here is the thing im that kind of girls who like to b arround the gyuz,it seems like i cope better with gyuz more than girlz..i have a thousand friend... but since then i changed, less confidence with gyuz balashet a5af!
until yesterday every day since then i was asking myself what did i do wrong with him? sometimes even when u know that u r right u still can feel that thing , mayb i was wrong maybe i misunderstand him, mayb i was bad!

sob7an allah .. just when i was loosing it, he poped up from no where, asking if im still mad at him and that he was wrong!!!!!!!!!! after 4 years!
what i want to say from that, that having faith in urself will never b bad..even when people goes wrong with u and judge u in the hard way..if u know that u r right then u r right and things will reveal even after 4 years!
for everybody who is starting to loose faith...dont! u need that to survive.. life has so much tricks,ups and downs...dont loose what u believe in! dont loose trust in people...they will deserve it one day......:)

Friday, March 03, 2006

change a habbit! hmmm!

its hard! but possible......... sometimes it impossible..
late eating,smoking or argeele,wake up evrey day worrying abt ur day,addicted to music,to wake up early though you have nothing to do OR to wake up late with so much stuff to do, thinking too much about things,carless,grumpy,cant be serious sometimes.....?

how could you stop something or start a new thing? quit something you are used to do,
too much effort you need to do that ..isnt it?
in our everyday life we have sth to change, nobody is faultless or perfect and we work hard to b as perfect as we can..its just life

i think its all based on te mental side to talk to urself abt things to convince ur own soul, body and, mind that u have to be better, that theres sth wrong going on and you really need that to be changed,sometimes u just change! and you dont know y, and sometimes u really work hard for that to be done...
i dont think it has anything to do with how much strong u r or sth, its about how ready you are to cahnge,maybe how sick you are from urself to do the thing that you think its good enough for you this time.... in that case u have to be alerted all the time... u should have enough faith in urself..or a better image in ur mind for urself....
i have a white board in my room i write on it what i think abt myself if i did so or if i didnt... and it worked for me....
people say life can be easy if you make it easy.. sometimes ya it is! sometimes no! u really need a strong thing to push you forword... and sometimes we just forget that we have to change, that you have a certin image abt urself and u like it and, u just like urself thte way it is,but it cant work anymore,not for you, for people....
but anyway..... we need to cooporate with things .....
and its possible :)